Choosing the Right Bag for Travel

Choosing the Right Bag for Travel

ceeianesOften when you want to make a long trip in order to travel, we are confused to determine the bag to be used. Choosing the actual type of bag will affect comfort during the trip. Moreover, the selection of bags must be in accordance with the items to be carried on the trip. Here are the types of bags that are indeed adapted for travel.

Carrier. Is a backpack that is suitable for long trips because it is easy to carry everywhere. Before the trip, choose the size of the carrier according to the capacity of the goods to be carried. For example, for a short trip can use a carrier capacity of 30-40 liters. But if the trip is quite long and requires a stay, a 50-liter backpack is enough. In choosing a carrier, try to match the body proportion with a comfortable shoulder strap. It would be better if there is a back cushion that has an air cavity between the bag and back to provide air circulation. To pack goods in a carrier must be with a certain strategy, heavy items as much as possible are placed at the very top. While light items are placed at the bottom, this is done because the ability of the shoulder to hold weight is better than the ability of the waist and back.

Day Backpacks. Day Backpacks are a type of backpack with a capacity to load 18-24 liters of goods. Used for trips that do not take long. Often, Day Backpacks are also used as a carrier bag to store items that are often taken on trips. Day Backpacks can be used to carry bottles of drink, food, travel wallet, or travel documents. Day Backpacks that are comfortable to carry on the go are lightweight Day Backpacks, with a shoulder strap and soft back pads. This type of bag is convenient to use everywhere, there are even some types of Day Backpacks specifically for carrying a camera or laptop so that it is safe even if carried on long trips. If you have trouble finding Day Backpacks that are suitable for you, please visit the site there are many choices here.

Survival kit. It is a small bag that contains emergency equipment just in case during the trip, as a basic preparation for survival. Usually, adventurers bring survival kits as basic equipment. Usually, a survival kit is used to store items such as matches, candles, needles and threads, hooks and strings, compasses, small flashlights, medicines, wound plasters, and so on.

Suitcase. The type of luggage bag makes it easy for us if the trip does not need to pass through a rough terrain. So that we can carry the bag by pulling on the handle of the suitcase without having to overload the back. In addition, when packing items into a suitcase, it will be easier to order. It’s just that, if the terrain is difficult, carrying a suitcase will be troublesome because it has to carry or lift it.

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