Why Are Some People Are Scared Of Travelling?

Why Are Some People Are Scared Of Travelling?

People travel for different reasons some for leisure, some for schooling, health reasons, job-related reasons and so much more. Socialization has brought about travelling which has led to the spread of civilization and awareness. People learn better when they travel because they tend to see things for themselves and also to have an open mind towards the different aspects of life. Travelling has brought about discoveries and the transfer of knowledge from one part of the world to another.

If you have to travel and need to rent a car, then you can read about online luxury car rental online reviews on Britainreviews.co.uk. You might be scared of renting luxury cars because you think they might be too expensive. However, after reading reviews, you might get to see that the price is what you can afford and you will be able to cruise around in a luxury car throughout the duration of your trip. You will also be able to get the right type of luxury car from the right company to avoid issues when returning the car. As some people tend to enjoy travelling, others have a phobia of travelling. Hodophobia which means the fear of travelling can because due to different reasons:

· The fear of height

Some destinations can only be reached by flight and some people tend to have the fear of height. This has restricted this set of people to remain in the country where they domicile. Also, the fear of plane crash has been a barrier to so many people. The thought of it can lead to a panic attack and hence should be avoided.

· Language barrier

This can be a great hindrance as it would be stressful and discouraging to carry out one’s daily activity. Communicating with people in a language that they understand is at times could be tasking, imagine communicating with people who don’t seem to understand what you say. The language barrier is a great limitation and can lead to the fear of travelling to a particular destination since discussions can be carried out by the locals against your safety.

· Fear of getting homesick

Leaving a particular vicinity where one is used to can be very challenging. There are different reasons for travelling, the reasons for travelling vary depending on the purpose of such trip. The duration of the trip would largely depend on the purpose of it. For instance, those travelling for educational purposes would likely spend years doing so. The fear of missing home would discourage some people from travelling despite the advancement in technology, most people still feel the physical presence is also very important.

· Travelling alone

Travelling could be fun, but travelling alone could be very boring. Some people can’t deal with loneliness and if there is a reason for travelling of which they need to travel alone, they tend to develop fear. No one to gist with, no one to share the happy moments with and no one to tour around with, such people would rather stay back than have to go on that lonely trip.

· Financial burden

People tend to avoid travelling because of the financial burden it poses on them. Travelling could be very cost-effective, not just for flight tickets, you also need to consider feeding, accommodation and money spent for taxis. The fear of spending so much on travelling has restricted people from taking such decision. Most peoples salary can only take them through each day with the basic amenities and travelling is not part of such so they don’t add travelling to their bucket list.

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