Fall in Crete: A Luxury Getaway

Fall is the best time to visit Crete if you’re not fond of thousands of tourists on the streets and want to explore the area more than to lie on a soft sandy beach (although, you can do both). Crete is the Southern region of the Mediterranean. So, while many other locations are closing swimming seasons and preparing for sweater weather, you can walk around in a tank top and shorts.

Let’s see what the weather is like in Crete in autumn and what you can do there when the season is actually over.

Fall Weather in Crete

Fall is very warm in Crete as it’s in the South. People are going to beaches and swimming even in October. However, be ready for more rain. A raincoat or an umbrella, along with a cardigan, just in case, should find a place in your suitcase.

What to do in Crete in Autumn

First of all, you should choose one of the Crete luxury villas to stop in for your vacation. Then, you can plan your days according to the following activities.

Visit the Mountains

You can walk or drive a bike to discover the magnificent nature of Crete. If you choose to ride, visit the Lasithi Plateau. Make sure you have a jacket with you since it tends to get windy in the mountains.

It’s not too hot and not too cold, which is perfect weather for such an adventure.

Indulge in Shopping

Stores are ready to close the season, which means you can shop for a much lower price. Boutiques tend to reduce their price tags when it comes to October to sell more before closure. So, make a list of clothes and accessories you want and head to Crete in autumn!

Go to the Beach

Of course, it’s still warm enough to visit beaches and sunbathe. And if you were dreaming about visiting a remote beach that is difficult to get to, this is the time. It’s more convenient to hike when the weather is slightly cooler.

Attend Local Festivals

In autumn, there are a lot of festivals in different villages of Crete where you can join the locals in celebrations. For example, in October, there’s a Chestnut Festival in Elos village. Such events offer opportunities to become closer to the local nation and open Crete in a different way.

Visit Museums and Archeological Sites

Imagine if there were no queues in front of museums, archeological sites, etc. Well, this is what happens in Crete in autumn! Get familiar with history without the crowdedness.

If you didn’t have enough time to do it in summer, make sure to visit Crete in autumn. It’s a wonderful location with breathtaking scenery, mild weather, and lots of fun activities. From mountains to festivals, there’s definitely a lot to do in Crete.

And if you stop in one of our luxury villas, your vacation will become 10 times better and more convenient. The accommodation you choose is essential for the success of the tip. Make the right choice!

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