Day: February 23, 2019


What to Expect from a Trip to Beautiful Switzerland During the Winter Season

A different view of life awaits you if you plan to vacation in countries like Switzerland. Think about your current scene; It is November and you are heading into the winter months soon. However, it never quite feels like winter where you are from. You want to ski down white powder fresh mountains and sip hot cocoa by a roaring fireplace, but you live in Florida. Your current scene is dragging you down, right? So why not go ahead and book your dream vacation?

The perfect time for a vacation in places like Switzerland would be January and February. Since it is November now, you have just the right amount of time to prepare for your winter escape. There will be many questions to ask yourself as you plan your getaway like; where do I want to stay? Am I totally going for a skiing adventure or do I want …

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Travel Guide

Travel with Ease by Shipping Your Luggage and Parcels Ahead

Who hasn’t had a challenge with traveling and especially traveling with all the things you need to either look great, have fun or even just have the tools and toys you need for that important business meeting or long waited for and expensive vacation. Comfort can make all the difference when you travel. Have you ever considered the possibility of shipping your luggage? With the possibility of worldwide shipping, you will have less stress on your next business trip or vacation.

According to the New York Times- “Last year, airlines in the United States made more than $3 billion in fees for checked luggage.” A hefty expense. Long gone are the days of Red Caps and Safari workers who would carry your luggage singing happy songs. Now, vacations are often multi-generational and come with requirements of so many things that will be needed at the destination. Nelly Bly may …

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